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To keep your family healthy, we have provided some healthy, delicious snacks to meet the needs of a busy family. This section of our recipes includes a limited number of ingredients to save you time and money. We also include suggestions for variations of recipes to meet your family’s nutritional needs. Some recipes do include milk, cheese, and nuts, but for the most part, you can substitute whatever you have on hand to meet your preference.

As you begin your meal planning for the week, it is suggested that you set aside at least half a day for ensuring that your meals and snacks are meeting the nutritional goals for the whole family. After the planning is complete, it important to take a specific list to the grocery store, so that you buy only the items on the list. The final step of your meal planning would be that of preparing as much of your meals ahead of time as possible. This way the hassle of preparing the meals during the week is lessened. If you are like me and have very little time for meal prep, then I would suggest that you purchase frozen vegetables to complement your nutritional needs and lessen the meal prep time. The last, but the most useful suggestion for saving time in meal prep, is investing in some time-saving appliances like a food processor or inexpensive, manual food chopper or slicer. The suggestions I have included are not all-inclusive, so explore your options for lessening your food preparation time and increasing your family time.

Healthy Snack Recipes

The Benefits of Spelt Crackers

Have you ever had a craving for a nutritious snack but just couldn’t find it on the grocery store shelf? Well, your journey has come to an end. Just add your favorite topping and bag it for movie night or any other special occasion. My family even likes to dip spelt crackers in hummus for […]