On Groceries

Your Highest Expense

What is the main reason for your rising monthly cost of living? For most of us, it is groceries. Saving money on groceries has become even more of a necessity with the kids at home and unemployment on the rise.


How To Save Money On Groceries

To get a good start saving money on groceries the following advice is scattered throughout the internet:

    • Meal planning
    • Budgeting
    • Shopping sales and using coupons
    • Shopping alone with a purpose
    • Making a grocery list and only buying what is on list
    • Eating leftovers and freezing them
    • Making a basic pantry list


Step By Step Instructions

On a weekly basis, we will be providing you with step by step directions of how to save money when buying groceries. Providing you with details such as which types of food costs less and provides all of the vitamins you need to stay healthy based on scientific research.

Keeping you from making the same mistakes as I made by learning how to use coupons effectively potentially saving you hundreds of dollars on your grocery bill.

Teaching you what foods freeze well and those that don’t, as well as how to prevent freezer burn.

Finally, the ultimate money saver is that of learning how to package food so that it lasts longer. When the virus hit, my grocery stores were void of any canned foods, but I discovered what else could be purchased and packaged instead.


Weekly Newsletters to Save You Money

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How to Save Money Through Meal Planning
On Groceries

Meal Planning to Save Money

Don’t Buy What You Don’t Need When do I have the most problems buying groceries I really don’t need? That is when I don’t have a complete list based on the ingredients of the meals I plan on making throughout the week. Besides, who needs to plan a meal when you can just look for […]