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Healthy Snack Recipes

The Benefits of Spelt Crackers

Have you ever had a craving for a nutritious snack but just couldn’t find it on the grocery store shelf? Well, your journey has come to an end. Just add your favorite topping and bag it for movie night or any other special occasion. My family even likes to dip spelt crackers in hummus for […]

Raw Food Recipes

Keto-Friendly Cucumber Salad

What better salad to eat than cucumbers. They meet the budget of just about anyone with their inexpensive price tag. In addition, they provide numerous health benefits. Some of these benefits are antioxidant activity, potential anti-diabetic, toxins and waste cleanser, soothing of skin irritations, and the prevention of constipation. When eaten raw, the fiber ingested […]

Keto Recipes

Keto-Friendly Korean Bowl

I love a quick, easy to prepare a meal with a minimal amount of ingredients. Since I have been cooking a modified version of the keto diet, my meals for the family have become less desirable. So, I set out to make my family-friendly meals keto-friendly meals. How did I do that? I kept most […]

Weight Loss

Top 8 Foods to Eat on the Ketogenic Diet

Doing keto only works if your body is in a state of ketosis, a condition where the liver burns body fat to generate energy. This means you need to stick to eating foods with low or zero carbs and high fats. To be exact, the limit of carb intake is around 20-50 grams per day. […]

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Basic Guideline For Going Keto

Have you been overwhelmed searching for ways to improve your health and lose weight through the ketogenic diet? Search no more. Here is your step by step basic guideline to start going keto: 1. Talk to Your Doctor When going keto, your body system will face a big change. It may be suitable for most […]

The Ketogenic Diet Defined
Weight Loss

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

What is the Ketogenic Diet? Why Is It Good? The ketogenic diet, also known as “the keto diet”, has been quite a trending topic lately. It is said to be a modern type of diet where people don’t need to feel hungry, yet they can still trim their body weight. But before “going keto”, it […]