White Bread in a Bread Machine

Necessity is the mother of invention when it comes to finding bread during this pandemic. Next, creativity comes into play. So, I have included my white bread in a bread machine recipe that turns out wonderful every time. The creativity that will soon come into play with this recipe is that I have included a section of the recipe that provides a modification of all-purpose flour instead of bread flour that can be used.

I always add the wet ingredients first in order to ensure that I can use the delayed timer for the variable crust.

Shortly after adding the dry ingredients I keep a close eye on my dough to see if it is forming into a nicely formed ball and not sticking to the sides of the pan too much. Of course, a little dough on the side will not affect the outcome of the bread.

What a perfect ball of dough for white bread!

The end result of such hard work of the bread machine and not mine, is a tasty loaf of bread for my ravenous husband who would just not know what to do without his midday sandwiches. It used to be just an occasional treat in our house. Now, it is the staple when it comes to bread made twice a week. Don’t cut your slices until the bread cools or the loaf will be too soft for the serrated knife to effectively cut into slices.

We now have bread again, even during a pandemic.

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